How to Boost Your Child’s Performance in Mathematics- Practical Tips For Parents.

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How to Boost Your Child’s Performance in Mathematics- Practical Tips For Parents.



It is no secret that mathematics can be a difficult subject for many students. However, with the right techniques and strategies, your child can excel in this area! In this blog post, we will discuss some tips and tricks that can help improve your child’s performance in mathematics. We will also provide information on how to best support your child as they work through their homework and assignments. Let’s get started!

Support and Encouragement

One of the most important things that you can do as a parent is to provide support and encouragement. Let your child know that you believe in their ability to succeed.

Additionally, be sure to create a quiet and comfortable space for them to work on their mathematics assignments. This will help them focus and avoid distractions.

A positive attitude towards mathematics.

It is also important to help your child develop a positive attitude towards mathematics. One way to do this is to point out how mathematics is used in everyday life. For example, you can discuss how numbers are used when cooking or baking. You can also talk about how geometry is used when building houses or bridges. By showing your child that math is relevant to their life, they will be more likely to engage with the material.

Tools and resources

In addition, it is also important to give your child some tools and resources that will help them boost their performance in mathematics.


VmathLive features online mathematics competitions for students in grades K-8. This is a paid product.

The offering features four primary components:

  • An “Intelligent Teacher Dashboard” area that tracks student performance, including activity metrics, class progress for goals and milestones, and alerts for students who are struggling.
  • A “Learn” component allows students to progress at their own pace, through questions from 334 math topics.
  • A “Master” component quizzes students on what they have learned.
  • A “Play” component with real-time competitions from students across the United States.


Kahoot! Is an interactive game that presents multiple-choice questions to students in the same classroom. This learning tool offers free and paid plans.

Teachers can search for premade questions and answers in a variety of subjects, or they can create their own (paid). Questions are projected on a screen in the classroom, and students select the answer on their devices. The highest-scoring students are displayed before the next question, creating a fun, competitive atmosphere.

Kahoot! Has a basic free plan, as well as two paid plans ($1 or $3 per teacher/month) that offer more advanced features.

 Online Games

Teaching math to kids with online games is a popular method of engagement. Here are two free websites that feature a wide variety of interactive games for students in grades 1-6:

  • is an award-winning educational website that offers free multiplayer games, arcade math games, and more. The games adhere to Common Core math standards and span topics such as shapes, math functions, integers, fractions, and algebra.
  • Math Playground offers several math and logic games, as well as arcade-based activities and math videos. A small number of games require a paid subscription.
  • SMART Board Activities/Games

Classrooms equipped with SMART boards can take advantage of free activities and games available across the internet.

Sites such as SMART Exchange and help teachers find thousands of fun lessons, and they are organized by grade level. Many of the activities and games are submitted by teachers who are already using them for teaching math to kids in the classroom.


Sumdog is an adaptive learning tool for teaching math with technology to students in grades K-8. Paid subscription plans unlock premium teacher tools.

Sumdog features game-based learning that motivates and engages students. On computers and tablets, students answer questions at their own pace, with activities geared towards their skill level. Positive reinforcement rewards students’ achievements in the game, and teachers receive assessment data to guide lessons and examine individual student needs. Effectiveness studies and case studies have found improvements in student achievement with the product.

Pricing quotes are available through Sumdog’s website.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is a great source for interactive videos that help students learn mathematical concepts and practice what they’ve learned. Here are some of the most noteworthy YouTube channels for math instruction:

  • Khan Academy has a multitude of free videos covering basic and advanced concepts.
  • Mathademics offers short videos on elementary and middle school topics, focusing on subjects such as geometry and fractions.
  • Numberphile features colorful videos on topics such as Pi, prime numbers, and games like Yahtzee.

Teachers can also create their own YouTube videos, for a unique perspective on teaching math with technology. Examples range from a more elaborate and wacky show to a simpler and more focused clip in the real world.

Give them plenty of practice opportunities

Math is a subject that requires practice. By giving your child plenty of opportunities to practice, they will be better able to understand the concepts and master the skills. You can have them work on extra problems from their textbook or find practice sheets online.

Help them develop a strong foundation: It is important that your child has a strong foundation in mathematics. If they are struggling with a particular concept, go over it with them until they understand it fully. You can also HIRE an online tutor to help them with the concepts. Once they have a strong understanding of the basics, they will be better equipped to tackle more difficult material.

Encourage them to ask questions: One way to boost your child’s performance in mathematics is to encourage them to ask questions. When they are working on their assignments, encourage them to speak up if they don’t understand something. By asking questions, they will be better able to grasp the material.

Use manipulatives: Manipulatives are a great way to help your child visualize mathematical concepts. There are many different types of manipulatives that you can use, such as blocks, counters, and pattern tiles. You can find these materials at your local educational store or online.

Seek out additional resources: If you feel like your child needs more help than you are able to provide, there are many resources available online and in libraries. You can find books, websites, and apps that can help boost your child’s performance in mathematics.


Boosting your child’s performance in mathematics can be a daunting task. However, with the right tools and techniques, you can help them excel in this important subject. The tips and tricks we have shared should give you a good place to start.

By following the tips and tricks outlined in this blog post, you can help boost your child’s performance in mathematics. With a little patience and effort, your child can succeed in this subject. Don’t forget to provide support and encouragement along the way.

Do you have any additional tips for improving performance in mathematics? Share them with us in the comments below! We would love to hear from you. And, as always, if you need help to boost your child’s performance in mathematics, our team of tutors at HomeSchooling is here to help.

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